Useful Phrases In Useless Languages

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For Go players who anticipate meeting fictional characters or other players who don't share a language, it can be useful to know how to ask for a game. Here are the most idiomatic (by consensus of SL patrons) phrases in various languages for:

  • asking someone for a game of Go
  • a likely response to accept a game
  • a likely response to decline a game
  • sportsman-like wishes to begin play
  • resignation
  • thanking the opponent after the game

Please help fill in the blanks and correct errors (or discuss below).

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[ext] toki pona

Asking: "musi ala musi?" ("Shall/should we play?") "sina wile ala wile musi?" ("Do you want to play?")
Accept: "pona" ("Yes")
Decline: "ala" ("No thanks")
Begin: "musi pona" ("Have a good game")
Resign: "mi musi pakala" ("I resign")
Thanks: "pona" ("Thanks")

[ext] Leet or |33t

Asking: "G4/\/\3 n00b???"("want to play?")
Accept: "C00|_" ("yes")
Decline: ":p" ("no thanks") "l4/\/\3R" ("go away")
Begin: "L37Z R0X" ("enjoy the game") "gl hf" ("good luck, have fun")
Resign: "3y3 r pwnd D:" ("i have lost") "0MG H4X"[2] ("you are incredibly strong")
Thanks: "\o/" ("nice game")

[ext] Klingon

Asking: "*go* wIQuj 'e' DaneH'a' " ("Would you like to play Go?"), yIQuj! (Play!)
Accept: "HIja' " ("Yes")
Decline: "Qo' " ("No")
Begin: "batlh maSuvchuqjaj" ("May we fight each other honorably")
Resign: "jIjegh" ("I surrender"), "bIQapchu' " ("You win perfectly")
Thanks: "Qujmo' qatlho' " ("Thanks for the game") [1]

[ext] Quenya or Elvish

Asking: "Ma tyaluvammė" ("Shall we play?")
Accept: "Tancavė" ("Certainly"), "Nį" ("Yes")
Decline: "Lau" ("No")
Begin: "Į harya mįra tyaliė" ("Have a good game")
Resign: "Hehtanyes" ("I abandon it")
Thanks: "Hantanyel (tyalien)" ("Thank you (for the game)")

[ext] Weegie (the lingua franca of [ext] Glasgow, Scotland)

Asking: "Howzitgaun', pal. Goanny gies a gemme?" ("Good day, my friend. Would you care for a game?")
Accept: "Aye, a'll gie ye wan" ("Indeed I would")
Decline: "Awa' an' bile yer heid" ("Thank you, no")
Begin: "Goanny get yer finger oot then?" ("Please, feel free to begin playing")
Resign: "Aw f***. Ah'm deid" ("Regretfully, I must concede defeat")
Thanks: "That wis pure dead brilliant, like" ("I so enjoyed our game")


Also see: Useful Phrases In Other Languages.

[1] You don't need to learn this one. If you win the game the Klingon might kill you for dishonoring him. If you lose he'll kill you anyway...

[2] This phrase can also be used in reference to a specific move or tesuji. Example:

Gennan Inseki: 0Mg! l34rn +3h +415h4, n00b (you messed up the taisha, grasshopper!)
Shusaku: 3y3 w1LL 0wn j00! *plays move 127* (Victory will be mine!)
Gennan: 0mg! H4X! (Ears turn red)

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