U Boi

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吴 柏毅 (呉栢毅) (う ぼい)
U Boi, Wu Boyi, Wu Baiyi; [1] У Бои

Kansai Ki-in professional
(Japanese citizen from Taiwan)
b. 1996-01-26

1p 2014, 2p 2016, 3p 2017
4p 2018, 5p 2019

[ext] Ki-in [ext] Wikidata [ext] PWD [ext] U-Go [ext] Go4Go [ext] Go Ratings [ext] Waltheri [ext] GoKifu

[1] The Perfect Weiqi Database uses U Boi. The Kansai Ki-in has no romanisation on its website, but used U Boi as the file name of his picture. U-Go and Go to Everyone! use Wu Boyi. All the kifu databases use Wu Baiyi, as does Wikidata. John F. It is not true that all the databases use Wu Baiyi, GoGoD uses U Boi (because he plays in Japan). He would be Wu Boyi in Taiwan as they prefer Bo over Bai generally.

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