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a list of features that would be desirable on any turn-based Go server

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Move tree

AshleyF ++: I think that a cool feature for a turn-based server would be to allow submission of your move along with expected responses from your opponent and your contingent replies; submission of a move tree. This would only be revealed to your opponent once they commit to a move that you’ve anticipated, in which case the server responds with an immediate follow-up. That would speed things up a bit. Does anyone know of a turn-based server with a similar feature? axd The opponent would walk over a part of the variations, the alternatives would end up as side branches in the game's SGF.

jfc: I believe this has been proposed for DGS but it is not yet implemented. I agree with your description of how it should work -- just like an eBay auction bid...

ying? The idea proposed by AshleyF is implemented at www.qigame.com, it's called premove or preplay. Right now no variation is supported. You can submit multiple moves from you browser at once (no sgf editor is needed). Please vivist www.qigame.com to test out. Any comments are welcome!

(See also the [ext] discussion on the DGS forum)

Can anyone comment on if/when DGS or Little Golem will implement this. Heck, even a simplified version of this feature that does not allow for variations would be a big leap forward.

While a nice fancy applet for interactively editing and viewing a game tree before submission would be nice, I'd be satisfied with a text interface where I enter coordinates.

Team tournament support

dcalogue? And maybe team tournaments would be another good idea, where you have teams of three players aiming for the 1st place... that I would like to see...


The wBaduk mentions quite some interesting generic features.

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