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Tderz: I think that White needs sente to live:
The helping proverb is here "8 live - 6 die" (on the 2nd row).

My outcome: Status = white is alive, needs sente, after which a gote seki [2] for black can result.

I started with W1 (what I think is the correct move), then in very first instance overlooked best opponents play B2 in [2]("opponents good point is also your own good point" W3 in [3])

unkx80: This problem seems to be too easy for Tderz. =) Tderz: Not too easy, just that I have solved something like this already some times in the last 10 years. I don't have much the chance to play on the board, hence I try to look (never use a board) at problems (L&D, tesuji) regularly.

But as you see, I make small mistakes, I didn't solve the problem completely - nor Bill's cut at W1, nor the seki in first instance. Thinking about the problem for some seconds gave me W1 as best starting move, but B2 as better reply only came within writing on the stuff for 10 minutes. Similarly I got it wrong in problem no 44: I never saw that Black is alive with 6 points! Hence, the urge for white to play W1 in problem 44 is much less.

[3] using the particularity of the corner  

Starting with W1 - away from the corner, thus not at W2 (=B2) - means using the particularity of the corner

B4, B6 and W5 are miai, now everyone smells it ...

[1] damezumari => life  

I am too lazy to edit numerous wrong attempts (leave it to others - hope this one is right). I expect some to be intrigued by attempts for IshiNoShita.

Tderz: Am I too careless? speaking of IshiNoShita (which is not applicable here, but leads me to this idea):.

Status? = seki [2]  

only makes seki


I White tries the same damezumari-trick as in dia. [1] above: (which makes no sense, because W3 is occupied and cannot become eye-space anymore, black reacts whith an even more normal, killing hane):


a and b are miai now => dead


Bill: From a yose standpoint, I think this is a bit better for White. After W3, B4 - W5 and B6 - W7 are sente. The point, it seems, is that the exchange of W1 and B4 makes this better for White than the ko in the next diagram.


Bill: After W3, B4 - W5 and B6 - W7 are sente.


unkx80: Thanks Bill, but...

Bill: Right. And see No ko diagram, next. But the first diagram is still better. ;-)

No ko  

W11 at W1, B12 at B2.

unkx80: Hey, this is an even better killing sequence!


Bill: If Black descends with B4, later Black can make gote in seki (B6 - B10). But this is 1/3 point worse for Black, on average, than taking W1.

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