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ISBN 89-90079-26-8

E1 : Vol. 1, day 2, Life & Death 4

This problem seems to be mistaken, black can't kill white as far as we can see.

E1 Problem diagram  
E1 Solution from book  

The book gives this solution, with Black getting a ko.

E1 White lives  

unkx80: W6 lives. It does not matter if B7 is exchanged with W8. The thing is, (1) if later Black plays at W4, then White simply captures at a and we get a bent four in the corner with two external liberties, which lives, and (2) any other move by Black cannot reduce White's two external liberties, and so cannot prevent White from living by oshitsubushi at a.

maruseru: Yes, after I edited the page and before I just got back, I thought about the problem some more and your W6 occurred to me as well. Thanks for the clarification.

E2 : Vol. 1, day 13, Close combat 4


E2 Problem diagram  
E2 Solution from book  

It's not so hard to see that Black is fine here.

E2 White resists  

This diagram isn't in the solution book.

E2 White resists, continuation  

After 9, a-k (j connects left of 1). This is an unfavourable ko in which if White loses the ko she gets to play three times elsewhere.

I was lucky to be able to show this to FanHui on KGS. He didn't say there were any mistakes in these variations. So I guess the conclusion is that this is another errata.

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