Thick Play Examples

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Strategy

Examples of thick play.

Example 1

Thick play  

This example comes from Go Seigen: 21st Century Go, vol. 1, p. 133. B1 is thick.


Example 2

Thick jump  

This is the last play in a game between Segoe Kensaku and Fujisawa Hideyuki, taking 9 stones. After making shinogi with the Black stones on the left side and a brief exchange on the top, six-year-old Fujisawa made the thick play of B1 (move 108), which aims at the cut at a.

Impressed by Fujisawa's play, Segoe stopped the game.

Example 3

Thick kake  

This example comes from a game between Shusaku (White) and Hayashi Yubi in 1860, analyzed in an insert in the November, 1978 issue of Igo Shincho magazine by Miyamoto Naoki 9-dan.

The kake, W1, was a thick play taking into consideration Black's moyo on the top and White's moyo on the bottom.


B11 at a.

If White had played the pincer at W4 instead, White would have become thin overall.

W10 threatens Wa.

Example 4

Securing White's group  

Later in the same game, W1 and W3 are thick plays, securing White's group.

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