The Art Of Connecting Stones/Solutions


Here is the main variation in the solution to Example 17 on Page 25 of Art Of Connecting Stones.

Main line: Black wins the semeai  

As I mentioned in my review, the book is well-written, and it calls B1 "a conservative move." If W6 prevents Black from connecting, then B7 cuts and wins the semeai. Note the application of the proverb Semi Eyes Win Semeais.

The obvious move fails  

The obvious move fails. Black loses all his stones.

Here is the solution to Example 15 on Page 21 of Art Of Connecting Stones.

Book's solution  

This is the key move, after which there are many possible variations.

What, the solution is the infamous Empty Triangle? What kind of a go book is this, if it presents problems whose solution makes Bad Shape? Well, I don't "do" empty triangles, so I found another solution.

My solution  

This solution is much more consistent, especially since the relevant chapter of the book is named "Connecting at the Edge of the Board."

Here are the variations I found

Variation 1  
Variation 2  
Variation 3  
Variation 4  
Variation 5  

This variation (the exchange W6 and B7 is not necessary at this point) shows that my solution is slightly inferior to the book's solution because White gets to move out a little further at W2 in sente.

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