The Appeal of Tesujis Volume 1

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The Appeal of Tesujis Volume 1
series: Tsugi no Itte
Publisher: [[Nihon Ki-in]], 1998
ISBN10 4-8182-0435-8
222 pp.

手筋の魅力〈1〉 (Appeal of Tesujis Volume 1, ISBN: 4-8182-0435-8),the third volume of the つぎのいって (Tsugi no Itte), is a set of four problem books published by the publishing arm of the Nihon Ki-in (日本棋院編) as part(?) of their problem collection series (問題集シリーズ).

The book contains 108 problems. The answer diagrams, of which there are typically three, appear on the flip side of the page along with a difficulty rating expressed as one, two or three stars. One star problems are 3 kyu to 5 kyu level. Two star problems are 1 kyu to 3 kyu level. Three star problems are more difficult.


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Table of Contents

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Sample Material

Problem 1, Black to play, 1 star  
Problem 53, Black to play, 3 stars  
Problem 108, Black to play, 2 stars  

Bill: Comment on translation:

I don't feel that appeal is strong enough (the second character means strength). Other possibilities: fascination (which I like), attraction, charm.

Second, I disagree with tesujis. Tesuji is like fuseki and joseki. Even though there are different kinds of fuseki and joseki, we also consider them as unitary, general terms: the opening, corner play. We say, study joseki, not josekis. The title is about the attractiveness of tesuji in general, not that of particular tesuji. (The hane is OK, but I really like the clamp.)

Velobici: Please feel free to change the page names as needed. I am not fluent in Japanese...not at all.

tderz: Velobici, assuming that you are not in Japan, how did you get the book? What is a good way to order these and some other Japanese books for someone who cannot read much on Are there price differences?

Velobici: These books are available from [ext] Kinokuniya and Yutopian.

Any experiences, pieces of advice?

Thank you very much in advance!

Bill: I went to the [ext] Amazon Japan shop in English page and entered the ISBN number in the search window (just the number sans ISBN: ). The page for the book itself is in Japanese, but Amazon Japan does try to help you shop in English. :-)

Thank you Bill (Thomas)

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