The 3-3 Point Modern Opening Strategy / DbRefs

References to ease looking up the games referred to in this book in a games database. Useful if you want to follow the book commentary on your computer.

References starting with 'g' are identifiers in the GoGoD database, 's' ones are in the SmartGo database. (The intention is to be able to include references to other databases too.)

p1 s1987-10-01na
p4 s1984-03-07na
p5 s1983-03-16na, move 14
p6 s1987-06-25ne, move 15
p7 s1987-01-15nc
p8 s1983-03-21na, move 51
p9 s1987-11-19nb
p11 s1982-07-21na
p13 s1987-01-08nb
p31 s1983-05-16ne, move 16
p40 s1986-08-21na, move 10
p46 s1982-10-13nb
p51 s1982-09-08na, move 18
p56 s1982-08-18na
p62 s1987-04-02na, move 61
p66 s1987-06-25ne, move 15
p78 s1985-12-26na
p80 s1983-05-05nb
p85 s1987-01-29nd
p87 s1984-01-12nd, move 14
p94 s1984-03-07na, move 31
p99 s1982-06-24na, move 18
p104 s1984-03-07na
p108 s1982-12-16na, move 32
p118 s1983-03-31nb, move 22
p123 s1985-12-26na, move 23
p127 s1983-04-27na
p136 s1982-06-10na
p142 s1986-07-17na
p148 s1982-09-08na
p152 s1986-03-05na
p156 s1983-02-06na
p160 s1982-10-13nb
p164 s1987-01-08nb
p168 s1987-04-16na
p173 s1982-07-14na
p177 s1984-11-01nc
p182 s1983-03-16na
p189 s1982-10-13nb
p191 s1982-05-31na
p193 s1982-03-25na
p195 s1982-07-08na
p197 s1987-11-19nb
p199 s1987-10-29nb
p203 s1982-12-16na
p207 s1986-12-04na
p211 s1982-11-25nc

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