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zinger: Ok, here's my try. Black can kill white's group with a, so white needs to live. Playing at a works, but does nothing else. W3 also lives, and is a point or two better. But W1 is even better, as it threatens to make a second eye by descending to B2. If now B2, white lives with W3. Perhaps this is an example of force before defending.

Truc: W3 at circle also works. I think it's the same point wise.


unkx80: W3 here is inferior, because B4 is sente (threatening a), and forcing W5. White loses one point this way.

Let's play a difference game

Difference Game  
White First  

White wins by a point when he starts first.

Black First  

Black wins by a point when he starts first.

So whether white should play W3 or circle in the original diagram depends on the rest of the board.


unkx80: Yes, you are right... meaning that I am speaking nonsense once again.

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