Team Go


Team go May refer to two different forms of playing go:

  1. Rengo (or pair go), where a single game is played by a team of players on each side.
  2. A number of go games played by a team of players, each player playing his or her own game, with individual results contributing to an overall team result.

This article deals with the second form. For the first, see the rengo article.

Playing in teams

A three player team match from the highest league
of the Dutch National Competition. On the left
team The Hague 1, on the right team Groningen 1

Playing as a team is enjoyed by many players for its social aspect, for seeing your teammates play, and for the additional thrill of performing as a team.

A very common team size is to have three players. This is a number of players that is easy to find even in small clubs, and having an odd number of players guarantees that one team will emerge victorious, making it suitable for knockout tournaments.

Three player team games are a recurring theme in the Hikaru no Go manga and anime series.


Teams are also very suitable for playing a competition, for example at the national level. In this case, having a team with an even number of players is also possible, and may give more fine-grained results in leagues, because draws are also a possibility.

Playing as a team has the advantage that the team can often share travel expenses, thus making the experience cheaper for the players involved.

Win and continue

A special form of team play is the so-called "win and continue" format. In this format, only a single game is played at a time. The loser is eliminated, while the winner continues, and is challenged by the next member of the opposing team. This continues until one team runs out of players. See: Win and Continue Team Tournament Format

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