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Here is my attempt to make a rule set for go. I think the rules should be as simple as possible, with no artificial ruling for "fairness" is strange situations. If a player is able to play into a counter-intuitive situation that is an advantage for him, why shouldn't that be a win? The beuty of go as I see it is exactly the extremely simple rules leading to complex situations, rather than the rules themselves being complicated.

What I would like is:

  • Superko
  • Dead stones must be captured. If a stone can't be captured, or it is disadvanteus to do so, then it is not dead.
  • One point for every stone still on the board, one for every intersection surounded by only one colour.

Obviously one would not actually need to take every stone of the board before end of the game, but in a dispute this it how it would be settled.

If theese rules is equivalent to another ruleset that I have missed I would like to know.

I need to go now, I will return and clean up this page later, and add some explanations of what i mean.

xela: To me this looks very similar to New Zealand Rules.

Tas: It seems like it. Thanks. No need for special rules defining seki, dead bent four in the corner and stuff like that. I officially like New Zealand rules. :)

Ben: They're closer to the Tromp-Taylor Rules than the New Zealand Rules.

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