Snapback Problem 27

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Problem
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Comment on the difficulty level: wouldn't be hard for a computer, though. Charles

HolIgor: What do you mean? Just try all moves till one works?

Bill: This looks like about a 2-kyu problem to me. It has 3 points, 2 of which are about 5-kyu problems. I suppose that's advanced. ;-)

Alex Weldon: I'm 5k* IGS and 7k KGS, and I got it in about a minute of thinking, so 2-kyu seems to overestimate the difficulty. Unless you mean "2-kyu to be able to spot it in an actual game, rather than as a problem where you're told there's a solution" in which case you're probably underestimating.

Bill: I was thinking in terms of Maeda's ratings. 5-kyu IGS is probably 3-kyu Maeda.

Charles Well, I hope I have the solution correct. Yes, I did mean that it isn't hard to find by exhaustive search.

kishi I think that this is a highly overestimated problem, I am probably a 25kyu and I got this in a minute, along with two(maybe) other possible solutions.

kris it depends how you think you've solved the problem. a low-kyu might be able to find the solution in 1 minute. But a 2k will be able to spot the right play at once and read out all variations in 15 seconds.

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