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Sendol is a strong Korean 5d amateur player. He has been offered a 6d certificate, and he once aspired to become a pro. He is a professional baduk teacher in Seoul. His best ex-students are Hong Jangsik, Korean 7P, and Kim Taehyang, Korean 1P.

On KGS, he plays and teaches under various nicks. As [ext] Sendol, he is a KGS teacher. He puts a lot of pressure on reading - and asks his students to learn foremostly life&death, various tesujis - but also other aspects like fuseki, josekis etc. His own knowledge of josekis seems to be endless.

His playing accounts include [ext] Renix, and[ext] Charm. Playing as Charm, he was the first to defeat Tartrate on KGS - [ext] Tartrate-Charm. Breakfast has commented Renix's win over [ext] Sylpheed on [ext] Go4Go.

If you want contact him, see his info on KGS.

GGima 4d has dedicated the B2 Bomber strategy to him for he taught her many lessons in Go and life.

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