Reuse Tsumego

    Keywords: Life & Death, Variant

Caution: these are tsumego related to the Go variant labeled ReuseGo. Don't let these shapes affect your feeling for shape in regular Go.

reuse tsumego  

Black is alive. Replacing the circled stone at a and replacing the squared stone at b, are miai.

reuse tsumego  

White is dead. The marked stone can be moved to a, and White can do nothing about it.

BillSpight: That does not kill. White has an, um, UnderTheStones play. ;-)

Not dead yet  

After Black uses stone on the marked point to play at 1,

Two eyes  

White can use hers to play at 2.

Right so. Should have known better than taking the corner for an example. How about this one ?

reuse tsumego  

Normally alive in seki, now dead, right ?


Can't White use the same trick to get a ko?

victim Can't White fill Black's liberties and capture, then after Black plays at the nakade point, move the White stone at a one space to the right?

reuse tsumego  

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