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Kill (1)  

Dieter: If White answers this way, she is killed.

Ko (2)  
Ko (3)  

This way it is ko too but White takes first.

unkx80: B1 is interesting but White has better moves.

White lives, black profits  

ed?: W2 here looks better:
black takes stones in sente but white is alive

Better for white?  

Perhaps W4 directly is better B7 is left for the endgame.

White can't save everything unconditionally  

Saving two stones with W4 dooms the group

Black too aggressive  

Trying to hurt white's shape with B3 is futile, white kills black.

One-point jump (4)  

tderz: To display the thought process:
after 1 second of consideration,
I thought of this 1-point jump B1, with the idea to do ...

right of One-point jump (5)  

this B3 on the right with miai a and b, or ....

left of One-point jump (6)  

on the left. (If W4 at B5, then as in Dieter's dia. (1))
If white intercepts with W2 at c, then ko as in dia. (3).

flawed? (7)  

However, my thoughts were flawed, because White breaks the miai by W2. OK, I really only had a glance at it, but the truth is, that this ugly empty is truly beautiful!

flawed? (8)  

After a second consideration, B3 springs up to mind, making miai of d and e. Yet the proverb teaches us that the bamboo has damezumari-problems [1]. Let's check:

flawed? (9)  

Black f leads to another ko. Black takes first here, whereas in dia. (3) White takes first.

flawed? (10)  

Similar sequence if White blocks on the right.

flawed? (11)  

White loses, if she neglects a ko threat.
Taking a ko first, having the other one looking for a ko threat, is an advantage over dia (3).

Conclusion, "The 1-point jump is never bad" is true, which cannot be said of the empty triangle.

flawed? flawed! no ko(12)  

After several hours, this flashes up: Black kills without ko this way.


Because there is no stone at d, this throwing-in technique does not create oshi-tsubushi.

flawed? flawed! flawed! ko!(14)  

It makes therefore no sense for White to connect safely at W2 only to die for sure without ko. White tries W2+W4 from the right.
Again, Black takes the ko first with B5, and
this diagram here is just a "Zugumstellung" (transposition?) of dia (2).

ko continuation (15)  

What happens if Black has less ko threats?
He can retreat once to B5, White plays kosumi tesuji W6 (or g, which seems miai), Black takes ko again with B7.
White must win this ko in order to live.

Comment 1.  

unkx80: Looks like this lives. [1]

Comment 2.  

unkx80: This lives too.

tderz: thanks a lot!

1-point jump looks nice, bamboo has damezumari problems and the ugly empty triangle develops into the beautiful swan.


unkx80: Any comments on B1? ;)


This is deadly for White


I guess this is going into the right direction, but I have to think about other moves.

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