RTG Problem 31

  Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Life & Death, Shape, Tactics, Problem, Question

RTG Problem 31

dia. [0]: bad hane leads to this position: Status?  

What is Black's, resp. White's status after white+circle?


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dia. [1]: A common fuseki/joseki  

Tderz: For most of us this development is a common, resp. well-known invasion sequence.
white+circle and black+circle are not important for my forthcoming question, nor whether 3-3 should be played so early in the game.

dia. [2]: White ends in sente, Black has very good shape.  

black+square is good shape. Sometimes however,
Black wants more ...
and gets less ...

dia. [3]: bad hane - hane bad  

Ok - one precondition - ladders to lower left corner should work for White.
B9 is preventing the ladder ... (edit): This move doesn't give a good shape.

dia. [4]: bad hane - hane bad  

B3 prevents again against the ladder.

Here comes the problem:
What will it be after W4?

1) Black will be captured, or
2) Seki, or
3) White will be captured, or
4) some if's, depending on

  • something on the board
  • wishes of the players

I wish all Senseis happy holidays!

From the start... Good for White?  

Remember that the ladder works for White (with a White stone in the bottom left corner).

Continued... What does Black get?  

In this situation the circled points are two possible places where White can continue to play. Black is going to get something... but using that aforementioned working ladder for White limits Black's options.

Analysis -- A choice will be made.  

If Black plays at "a", Black will be looking to attack that singular White cutting stone and direct territory along the top. (While wishing that stone on the left side of the board on the star point was a Black stone). Black must be satisfied with giving up the square marked stones and letting White take the corner reaching out to the right side.

If Black plays at "b", Black will be looking to attack the corner and gain an attacking edge on the right side. (The three Black stones can be captured in a ladder. White will need to play a move to make the ladder and another move to take the stones if ladder breakers exist). Black must be satisfied with giving up the circle marked stones and/or the laddered stones and let White take the influence along the top.

This problem is unsolved.

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