The solution is

9x9 Solution a)  

9x9 Solution b)  

Note the sequence starting from 4 onwards is not unique.

For an explanation (with the original colors), see /Analysis.

Well, this is nice and Black wins the game. But now I have a question about this.

The question is: Is there a way to find this sequence without calculating "all" the possibillities and corresponding outcomes?

I.e. how to order the possible moves by values?
(especially why to choose to first move, since its value seems to be 1 and the value of move 4 seems to be 2.)

I reckon the answer corresponds to MiaiValue, DeiriCounting and Tedomari. So probably Bill is the person to ask ,-), but of course everybody is welcome.


Bill: You do not have to read out the whole endgame to find the best play. This is a tedomari problem. Analysis on Endgame - How to find the move: Analysis

More on /Discussion page.

[1] From Mathematical Go, by Berlekamp and Wolfe.
(BTW, the colors have been reversed. Black has played 23 stones, White 24.)

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