Practical Endgame Test 8/ Discussion

Slowman: my opinion: move 1 is worth 1.5 points (1+2 follow-up, so 3/2=1.5) But if white takes this point, he creates 3rd 2-point move, so he can take 2 of them

Bill: If that play is worth 1.5 points (deiri), why is W1 wrong in the next diagram, even though it is a bigger play (2 points deiri)?

Black wins  


Slowman: Sure, it is tedomari problem.

Bill: Sorry, Slowman, I missed your reply at the time.

Let's just look at the bottom two lines.

Black first  

Black makes one point at circle in gote.

White first  

White makes one point at square and threatens to capture black+circle.

We both agree that the next play is worth 2 points by deiri counting. But if W1 is worth only 1.5 points, then Black's reply is bigger, and Black should connect.


By comparison with Black's playing first, White has one more point. So if we start off assuming that W1 is a 1.5 point gote, we are led to see it as a 1 point sente.

1.5 point play  

This is a 1.5 point play by deiri counting. If White plays first she gets two points (circle).

1.5 point play  

If Black plays first White has 0.5 point at circle, 1 point if White plays, no points if Black does. The swing is 1.5 points.

Slowman: Thanks, Bill

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