Practical Endgame Test 4 / Solution

Since unkx80 posted a correct solution almost before my mouse button cooled off from posting the problem, I have taken the liberty of moving it here from the analysis page. Compared to the book there are a few differences in the order of the ko threats but they are all correct. --DaveSigaty

4, 10 at marked stone; 7 at 1  

Seems to me that Black and White have six ko threats each.

Assuming Black takes the ko first...

(I think that White playing 8 instead of just continuing with 9 is one of the nice ideas in the problem. I know that I many times playing ko threats rather superficially without thinking of all alternatives. --DaveSigaty)

6 at marked stone; 9 at 3  
5 at marked black stone; 6 at marked white stone  
5 at marked black stone; 7 at marked white stone; 8 at 2  

(I think that finding Black 3 is the other really nice point of this problem. For me it is natural to play Black at 9 in such shapes automatically when looking for ko threats. --DaveSigaty)


... looks like Black wins. Any better answers, comments or objections?

-- unkx80

Practical Endgame Test 4 / Solution last edited by Nico on September 3, 2003 - 10:58
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