Perceiving the Direction of Play / Errata

These errata refer to 'First English Printing June 2007'.

p134, Diagram 5.
Black B6 is missing from the diagram.
p156, Diagram 1.
Extra black stone P15 that shouldn't be on diagram.
p172, Diagram 5.
Wrong: ... so Black returns to play 7 and attack on the left side.
Right: ... so Black returns to play 7 and attacks on the left side.
p178, Diagram 1.
Ladder indicator 'a' at E11 should be at E12.
p184, Diagram 5.
Black B3 is at C5 in the diagram, but at C4 in the SmartGo game ref. s1998-03-26na
p214, Diagram 1.
Label 'a' missing on diagram. Might be intended to be at B4.
p224, Diagram 5.
The moves given for W12 & W14 don't match those in SmartGo game ref. s1999-04-28nb.

(P.S. PeterHB: My copy has a binding problem, where pages 169 to 200 have been included twice. Pages have also started to fall out after a single reading. I guess there is an issue with the combination of the choice of paper and glue in the 'perfect' binding process. This is not the first Hinoki Press publication I've had page falling out problems with. )

Perceiving the Direction of Play / Errata last edited by PeterHB on March 30, 2009 - 01:14
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