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Position after Black 221  

This episode is about sharing the right side. It ends with a very big mistake by Black. Actually, every move here is wrong. I think that reading this is very instructive because it could help avoid similar mistakes in future.

Moves 222-231  

White 1: Bad. I constantly repeat to myself that moves like this should not be played automatically. The points a and 5 should be considered as well. These are points and they add up. At a was the best move locally. It makes Black crawling along the line gote, and White will not have to worry about the possibility of ko.

Black 2: Bad. The best move locally is b. This is discussed in stupid moves.

White 3: Natural connection. Good at least locally.

Black 4: Sente. Locally good.

White 5. Bad. White avoids a possible ko. I don't think that this luxury is affordable. White is behind.

Black 6: Bad. Leaves a hole behind.

White 7: Bad. White had to play at c and cut Black's stone off.

Black 8: Bad. It just strengthens White. At c was a good move threatening to save the stones.

White 9: Natural connection.

Black 10: An awful mistake that allowed White to cut at c.

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