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My name is Philip. I live in Eastern Canada with my wife, 2 dogs and a cat.

I play on KGS as "PC" and am poised to cross the 2kyu barrier someday soon.

Playing Go has been a big part of my life. Actually I _work_ at the game. I have been trying hard to improve for some time, studying lots and playing quite regularly on KGS. Would very much appreciate someone a few stones stronger who can play a teaching game with me from time to time, though on a regular basis, and help me develop.

In return... I like teaching and would enjoy helping someone a few stones weaker than me develop. I think I am a sympathetic teacher and can play teaching games regularly. I hope very much a student of mine will outplay me soon and give me some pointers in return.


gtwade: Hi Philip! Welcome to Sensei's. It sounds like you should join the SabakiGoClub, especially the House Yasui if you like the learning/teaching cycle. I cannot join, since I don't get on KGS that often due to my work & school schedule. But, I would love to have any teaching games as you wish to play, since I am eager to get stronger, if you would care to play on DragonGoServer. My username is also gtwade there. TTFN

Lonestar: Hello Philip! I left you a message on KGS, but I don't know if it worked, so I'll also write to you here. You're on the list of open mentors and I am looking for a teacher. I am Lonestar on KGS and around 10k there. I think I am sympathetic too :-) . So, let me know what you think. Lonestar

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