Oscar Korschelt

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O. Korschelt (1853-1940) was the author of the first extensive treatise on Go in a European language (German) entitled Das Japanisch-Chinesische Spiel 'Go' published in 1880. This book has been translated into English and published as The Theory & Practice of Go.

Korschelt studied go in Japan with Honinbo Shuho and included in his own book much material from Shuho's book Hoen Shinpo. According to R. Schurig, Honinbo Shuho granted him 7 stones in 1880.

There is disagreement as to whether Korschelt's first name was Oscar or Otto. Note: the author's name on the book says "Oscar Korschelt".

Korschelt taught the game to Edward Lasker in 1907.

[ext] Here are are some pieces of the articles (in German) including a lot of sgf-files of the diagrams.

Jared Beck: Yeah! That german page is really cool. I was working through [ext] this game from my copy of the book when I found this site. It's so nice to have sgf files when studying a game. I recommend the historical games on this site, especialy [ext] that game, because of the abundance of easy-to-learn-from moves.

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