OneThousandAndOneLifeAndDeathProblems/Problem 87 discussion

Solution Diagram  

This is the solution given in the book, however I think it is wrong.

In my opinion, white can kill after (see next 2 diagrams)

white kills black? I disagree, white in the middle was captured when black played 2  
white kills black (continuation)?  

a and b are miai, black dies.

Correct solution Diagram (?)  

Therefore, I think this should be the correct solution diagram. Anyone agrees, or am I missing something?

Djaian First of all, your solution doesn't work

Not a solution  
Not a solution  

a and b are miai, black will die.

white does not kill black here.  

What you didn't see is that black can kill the 2 white stones in the corner if white tries to kill black.


white kills black.  

I thought white could save his corner stones by connecting underneath...


...but that's not true. See the following response of unkx80. Thanks.

unkx80: To Frankmartin -

The simpler answer  
The more advanced answer  

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