OG2M150 How Big

    Keywords: EndGame
White's move  

If White takes the stone the local score becomes -14.

Black's move (last move marked)  

The local score is +2.

Thus the local score is -8 and the value of the move is 8 points.

As far as I remember the value of the monkey jump is 7.5 points.
dnerra: Which monkey jump? :-) I think in general, its value depends quite a lot on circumstances. Do you mean the one in upper right?

HolIgor: I meant a generic monkey jump. I have not counted this particular case yet. Although I'm playing White in this game, the general problem of finding the largest move is very interesting. Learning to play bg yose is an important thing. See below.

Bill Spight:

Local count after White plays  

White has 12 points for the captured stones (marked), 9 more points of territory (circled), and 1/2 point (squared). The local count is - 21.5.

Local count after Black captures  

There are several plays worth one point miai, and White has sente.
White gets 4 points for the captured stones plus 4.5 points of territory. Black gets 1 point for the captured stone. The local count is - 7.5. So the miai value of a play is 7 points.

(Note: If Black is komaster, he gains a slight advantage, and the miai value is slightly larger.)

The value of the monkey jump on the left.

White's move  

The local score is 16-3 = 13.

Black's move  

The local score is 21. So, the value of the move is only four points. Things get too complicated by a side effect on the upper group though.

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