OD1P - May 22 Problem / Solution

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Index of first moves

Black To Play  

.. a at [1]

...b at [2]

...c at [3]

...d at [4]

...e at [5]

...f at [6] (Correct solution)


Black Plays at N18

Black plays at N18  
Black fails  

White connects, main black group is dead even if the three stones on left might escape.


Black Plays at P18


Black has no continuation here


Black Plays at Q18

Black plays at Q18  

Q18, Black dies in failure.

Black Start  

Black lives only if White plays this sequence follishly to W10 allowing Blace to capture at a. White can play b as W4, W6, W8, or even W10 to connect to White's two stones and thus kill the main Black group even if allowing Black's few stones on left to escape if they can. The longer White delays in playing b after B3, the better for Black.

Black Start  

signal9: I'm not 100% sure, but this looks pretty good to me.

Black Start  

unkx80: Nah... this is a failure diagram.


Black Plays at Q19

Black plays at Q19  

YongCao? I think should play B1 first, then B3.

Black Dies  

PeiweiCao? Black dies:


Black Plays at P19

Black plays at P19  


Black Plays at O19

Main line  

If White comes from the inside with W2, she can't capture B5 because of the snapback. The successive throw-in of B3 qnd B5 are the tesuji here.


If White comes from the other side, B5 forces W6 to capture, then connects at B7. This is more straightforward than the main line.

Main line (bis)  

Adding the W2-B3 exchange doesn't fundamentally alter the main line.

Whites's throw-in  

Likewise exchanging W2-B3 doesn't change the solution. B5 connects at W2 and then we're again at either a (main line) or b (variation)

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