Ni Linqiang

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倪林强 (N Lnqing) (b.1965-10-19) Chinese pro, 4 dan in 1982, 7 dan in 1990.

Ni Lingquan 7p?

[ext] eweiqi : [ext] info, CV

实战中的星变化 [1] 作者介绍 倪林强,浙江萧山人,1965年10月生于上海。7岁开始学下围棋,师从已故上海名师金蕴中先生。1981年进入上海队集训,1983年进入国家围棋队。曾获1985年第七届新体育杯赛第5名,1986年第二届新秀杯围棋赛冠军。1987年代表上海围棋队参加第六届全国运动会获团体赛冠军,九战皆捷。1988年振动杯围棋赛冠军。1990年升为七段棋手。 著有《围棋官子指要》、《历届中日围棋擂台赛对局详解》、《围棋手筋一月通》、《围棋宫子一月通》、《围棋打入诀窍》、《围棋打劫技巧》、《围棋实用全典》中的布局、定式篇、围棋步步高系列一套六本,并在《围棋月刊》、《新民围棋》、《围棋天地》上连载了百期左右的专题讲座。 目前与上海东亚体育文化中心共同创办了上海东亚-倪林强围棋学校,任总教练。
which Babelfish translates reasonably understandable to:
In actual combat's star [1] changes the author to introduce Ni Lin Qiang, the Zhejiang Xiaoshan person, in October, 1965 was born in Shanghai. 7 years old start study to play weiqi, teacher from deceased Shanghai famous teacher Mr. Jin Yunzhong. in 1981 entered the Team Shanghai training, in 1983 entered the national Weiqi team. Once attained in 1985 the seventh session the new sports cup match 5th, in 1986 the second session the beautiful cup encircled the chess tournament champion. in 1987 represented the Shanghai Weichi team to attend the sixth national athletic meet to win the team competition championship, nine fought all the win. in 1988 vibrated the cup to encircle the chess tournament champion. in 1990 rose for the chess player. Is having "Chinese chess End game Purport", "All previous years China and Japan Chinese chess Challenge match Explains in detail", "Encircles Chess player Muscle in January To pass", "Chinese chess Palace Sub-in January Passes", "Chinese chess Infiltrates Knack", "Chinese chess Takes by force Skill", "Chinese chess Practical Entire Standard" the layout, format, Chinese chess backgammon series set of six books, and in "Chinese chess Monthly publication", "the New people Chinese chess", "Chinese chess World" on has serialized hundred issue of about subject talks. At present organized Shanghai East Asia - Ni Lin Qiang together with the Shanghai East Asia sports cultural center the Chinese chess school, lets the head coach.

Author/editor of several books,
e.g. the Ni Linqiang Go - progressing step by step series:

N Lnqing wiq bb gāo zhī qīnxiāo dăr de jqiăo
Erasure and invasion techniques

N Lnqing wiq bb gāo zhīzhn zhngd xīng binhu
[1] Hoshi variations in actual games

N Lnqing wiq bb gāo bj de qunpn gusī
Whole-board planning in fuseki

N Lnqing wiq bb gāo xngsh pndun h zuzhn
"Strategies based on evaluating positions" or "positional judgment and fighting".

N Lnqing wiq bb gāo qxng yu3 zil de xiolǜ
"The efficiency of shapes and thickness"

N Lnqing wiq bb gāo sĭhu pjiĕ juqio
Secrets in life-and-death analysis

John F. Thomas, there is no reference in the titles to "high level". Bubugao means "progressing step by step." It is "erasure AND invasion techniqueS". "real combat to-the-point hoshi variations" should be "Hoshi variations in actual games" (de joins the two phrases), "comprehensive fuseki outline" is more like "Planning whole-board fusekis". xngsh pndun h zuzhn is "Strategies based on evaluating positions i.e. counting?". "shapes and stone (~ strength) efficiency" should be "The efficiency of shapes and thickness" (zili is more or less what the Japanese mean by atsusa (nb not atsumi) - you may prefer "strong stones")..

unkx80: Just to add on to the excellent comments of John F., the structure "X的Y" indicates that X possesses Y. Most of the time, we can translate it as "Y of X".

By the way, Chinese chess is not Go. Chinese chess, also known as 象棋, is a totally different board game. To me, Chinese chess bears more superficial resemblance to international chess, because the pieces do move, and you have pieces such as the king, the horses, the rooks, etc..

tderz: JohnF., unkx80 many thanks for your comments and corrections.

It was very teaching and you still can credit me for that I knew that several things were wrong here - that's why I asked.

Unkx80, we have already played together; of course I know what xiangxi is and how it's played - not that I have any playing strength.


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