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N-Go is played simultaneously on n boards (of same or different sizes). Each player is allowed to make a move on a board of his choice, then it's his opponent's turn. In CGT-terms, this is a sum of games.


  • four 9x9 boards
  • two 13x13 boards
  • one 9x9 board and one 13x13 board
    . . .

When both players have passed, scores of all boards are summed up. Winner is the player with the highest total.

For the rest, normal rules apply.

blubb: What about ko (or superko, respectively, depending on which rules you treat as "normal")? Shall the non-repetition-rule focus be restricted to each single board or be applied to all the boards together? That is, can you play a (super)ko-threat on another board than where the local repetition takes place?

Robert Pauli:
I'd say, superko/ko has to take all (sub)boards into account. So, yes, you can play a threat on another board, just like you can play a threat beyond live stones on a single board.

One could also put it this way: N-Go is played on an infinite x inifinite board of which almost all intersections were punched out. Wouldn't it be artifical having to check if the resulting board falls apart or not?

I'm not arguing against doing it locally, but against defining local scopes via board edges.

blubb: I agree about the artificiality. Just wanted to point out what was left to get clarified. - What a pity, go can't be played on continuous boards. Else we could try a mandelbrot one ... ;)

Robert Pauli: It can be played on a continuous board. See Go on a Board Without Lines.

blubb: Sure, our thoughts have made a lot of progress since I stated the above.

There has to be some consideration to break symmetry, as otherwise mirror go destroys this variant on an even number of boards, and on an odd number, mirror go can reduce it to the one board case. I would recommend that the player who goes first gets n moves (with appropriate komi).

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