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Flower: I do not know the specifics but in the modern ruleset that I have encountered a move is either a board play or a pass. This page equates a 'move' to a board play and specifically excludes passing. Should we adjust the page for this change in use?

Bill: Ing called a pass a play because a pass lifts ko bans in Ing rules, just like board plays. Other rule sets took up the usage, even though passes do not lift ko bans, because they end play with a succession of passes. Traditionally, a pass is not a play, but, in one translation, giving up the right to make a play, and the game ends by agreement. Even today, considering a pass a play is not universal.

Let me try a minimal edit, to reflect the different usages.

RobertJasiek: This (footnote 1) is not the only criterion for whether something is called a "move". Something may be called "move" regardless of a ruleset's particular preference about its functions of passes. - "move" is not only always the "action", as Bill writes, but "move" as a noun as yet another meaning: "either board-play or pass". I.e., it is not the action that important, but it is a collective noun for two different objects.

Bill: You can also say, "Your best move is to resign."

RobertJasiek: Movement is not an alias for move, except in its SL alias usage. Movement is related to making extensions or connections.

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