Migeru v. rg

  Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: Ongoing game
Migeru v. rg (moves 1-10)  

B1, W2: hit "edit page" to see how it's done. -- Migeru

We just keep adding numbers w4 b5 etc..? -- rg?

W4: when it gets to W10 we make a new board. -- Migeru

B5: Off we go!

Question: is it possible to know (more or less) every permutation no a 9x9 board (is it like complicated noughts and crosses?)

Migeru: I don't understand the question. You mean how many positions there can be on a board? It's more complicated than noughts and crosses because of the capture rule.

xela: It's been solved on a 5x5 board, but with the help of computers, so it's possibly beyond human comprehension.

rg?: I mean you have probably seen this kind of position many times, but because of the size of the board there must be a limit to...er...urgh...argh...oh! It's sunny in Brighton today.

Migeru v. rg (moves 11-20)  

W4: If B3 had been played before W2, would W2 have made you flinch? -- Migeru

W6: going in all the way to the kitchen... -- Migeru

B9: Eat the locust and abuse the scorpion!

W10: No need to raise the stakes even higher. -- Migeru

Migeru v. rg (moves 21-30)  

Are you free on Friday evening?

W4: Ouch. -- Migeru

B5: The maggot eats the cherry.

W6: Nice try. -- Migeru

B7: he, I cheated and moved my number 7. Did you see? And then I moved it back again! The dancing B7!

W8: yes, I saw that: you put yourself in self-atari. LOL That will teach you to trust your instinct. -- Migeru

B9: So you haven't spotted my fiendishly cunning plan yet? Eat the wallpaper and swallow the noodles.

B9 redux: Bloody diagonals!

W10: Don't tell me you cheated again...

Migeru v. rg (moves 31-40)  

B1: Well, self-atari spotting (and attempted fixing) doesn't count as cheating when you are 35 kyu. Well, that's what my special rule books says. (The one I wrote, I mean.)

W2: That's because you didn't follow the Tao of the YunZi and leave it (the YunZi) where your first impulse put it.

B3: I've got YunZi stones at home. Same make as the ones in the pic.

W4: Beginner's luck, I say.

B5: We now have a huge and wonderful hole where our kitchen wall used to be

W6: Are you referring to your flat in Brighton, or to my comment to W16?

B7: Both.

W8: Took me a while to see the reference to the game...

B9: I didn't notice it 'till you mentioned it...

I'm ready to pass...

And then you will have to talk me through the game...

W10: I think you're almost 100% dead. Let's go back to your first mistake (B13).

Migeru v. rg (variation, moves 13-20)  

B3: You can play here, or you can even ignore W12 (marked white stone) and play elsewhere. Being able to turn like this in front of my stones is strong locally. -- Migeru

I thought of that, but it seemed to me I was building a wall too low in my territory. You'd just march across with me to my stone and all the space behind your wall would be yours.

(How many handicap stones do I get next time?)

Migeru: (I'm hesitant about giving you 6 stones) Anyway, I can't play at the marked point, that would be an empty triangle. I suppose you could play B3 at a (reduction) or b (invasion).

W4: I would probably follow up with something like this. -- Migeru

I'm beggared at the moment because I don't have a place to set up my Go board (a piece of paper with a 9X9 grid drawn on it.) Like I said, they've knocked down our wall, I've painted our bedroom, but still a few weeks! Which means I can't work through the options and learn anything! I'll see you tomorrow, Migeru! We will enjoy ourselves! I'm currently listening to Fleetwood Mac, "Tusk". I imagine you'd enjoy it. Perhaps you've heard it a thousand times.

I think if you give me five stones, I will win! We could start with five and see where that gets us? Equality is my aim, but I understand that until I can lay out my stones and ponder, my progress is limited.

See you tomorrow.

Migeru v. rg (reduction, moves 13-20)  
Migeru v. rg (invasion, moves 13-20)  

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