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Christoph Gerlach's MacMahon is a pairing program for tournaments using McMahon Pairing or Swiss Pairing.

Actually there are two different MacMahon programs:

  1. MacMahon 1.0 (published in 1994) to MacMahon 2.50 (published in 2009), written in C++ and requiring Windows 3.1 up to Windows 2000 as operating system. The program was developed as part of the thesis of Christoph Gerlach at the University of Hildesheim in Germany. Download: [ext] - discontinued, no updates or support
  2. MacMahon 3.0 (published in 2011) and updates (current version 3.6 was published on 2016-04-15), written in Java and compatible with any operating system that supports Java. Download: [ext] - current with updates and support

MacMahon 3.x (this is the current MacMahon software)

This is the current MacMahon software.

Key features of MacMahon:

  • Best pairing algorithm (for McMahon Pairing or Swiss Pairing), fast and mathematically proven to be correct, see Maximum Weight Perfect Matching.
  • Number of participants and number of rounds are unlimitted.
  • Any operating system supported that has Java available.
  • Wide range of settings to fit the needs of tournament directors.
  • Live connection to the European Go Database supported.
  • Full support of unicode including asian characters.
  • Powerfull import and export functions.
  • And the best: it's free!

See [ext] for further information and download.

Christoph Gerlach, the author of MacMahon, has incorporated into the program the results of his [ext] thesis (in German) for an exact algorithm for optimizing the pairings.

MacMahon is the pairings program recommended by the European Go Database:

We strongly encourage all tournaments organizers who usually adopt this program to download this version, since it contains a change in the export file for rating system (the length of the Club has been changed to four characters), so that it better meets EGD's requirements.

Historical note about the name "MacMahon":

Mr Lee McMahon invented the basic idea of the McMahon Pairing. When the program was written in the 1990s, the name "MacMahon" was used in European tournaments and the system now referred to by MacMahon or McMahon was developed under the name MacMahon in Europe. That is why the program is called MacMahon and not McMahon.

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