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Why don't you try to read the go-board the way you read a book?

That was my daughter's advice when I complained about having difficulty concentrating during a game - she knows how concentrated I can be while reading a book. Call my name. Light fireworks. Fart. I won't notice while I am enjoying a book.

I gave it a try. It works! There are so many topics to read about on the board.

So the questions I would like put here is: While deciding what to do next, what chapters do you see in a given board position? What are the themes? What to look for in those chapters? In the spirit of "worse is better" I won't start with a huge list right now, hoping that the lack of your favourite theme encourages you to mention it on this page. Comments on chapters are also welcome of course. You do not agree with something? Feel free to delete/rewrite it instead of commenting (for now).

These are just a few ideas:

Life and death

Every fight (a sub-plot) has strong and not so strong characters: the involved groups. They are dead / alive / unsettled.

  • Dead
    • What sacrifice is most influential?
    • What potential is left (the smell of the corpse)?
  • Alive
    • Where will this group assist?
  • Unsettled ==> That is where the action is! Read carefully!
    • How will it settle?
    • How many moves / liberties?
    • What chances, risks, opportunities does this group have?


Three parts: there's (potential) white, (potential) black and unsettled territory. Try to estimate the size / chances.


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