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Charles I think now a better way of handling this all is to recognize a category of Language Discussions. So we might have pages aji (what it is, tending to an encyclopedic master edit), aji discussion? for overflow thread discussion about aji as go term/jargon, and aji talk?, meaning 'talk about the Japanese word aji'.

Evpsych: Or perhaps aji term? instead of aji talk, to emphasize that it is talk about the term more than talk about the concept?

Charles Given Bill's attitude to the whole thing, the idea may be dead in the water. I'm not up for another 1000 word defence of the idea of editing, each time I simply list a page on a page like this. Life is too short to go on making obvious points at immense length here at SL. I have recently suggested at Metadiscussion that we take a look at possible Page Types, as a way of progressing the discussion.

(Sebastian:) Question: Since this is a path, does it make sense if it's sorted alphabetically or can we find some other logical order?

Charles Alphabetical isn't good?

(Sebastian:) It is good for this page. And it was OK going along the path while it went from agehama to hataraki. But since I squeezed byo-yomin and gaijin in there, it is not a walk along a nice garden path anymore, but a locomotion of abrupt jumps.

I'll start to implement the use of page titles such as KikashiTalk (was LinguisticMeaningOfKikashi) in a more systematic way. In general terms, this means

  • KikashiTalk addresses kikashi semantically, as a Japanese word;


  • KikashiDiscussion

would address it as a go term, in a discussion thread.

Of course there is a difficulty here: a term such as kikashi that resists easy translation into English, quite probably does so because a clear separation of the two sides isn't available. The translation problem is roughly to boil down KikashiDiscussion to the point where KikashiTalk is no longer needed ...

(Sebastian:) Now that you created the Language Discussions page (and I won't thank you for all your effort, as promised), there is a big overlap. Maybe this page has become obsolete? Or would it be desirable to keep this non-go topic as a special path?

Charles I'm probably done with this page; on the other hand, as you can see at Metadiscussion, there isn't consensus about my 'solution' (to my own definition of a 'problem'). I expect to rename pages currently listed here, in the near future.

Charles: Discussion sparked off by this listing now at How To Use Wiki / Editing Discussions

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