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This page is for site admins to keep track of planned changes to LifeIn19x19. It is not for users to suggest changes or bug fixes. Please see [ext] the bugs and suggestions forum to make requests.

I've tried to group todos in to three rough priority categories. Bug Fixes, Quick Improvements and Longer Term Projects. Hopefully those categories are self-explanatory.

Admins/moderators, feel free to add things you've volunteered to do or things that have been broadly agreed upon as needing to be done. I (Fwiffo) haven't gotten around to adding everything yet. Or if you're looking for something to do with the site, but don't have an idea, feel free to take ownership of one of these and get cracking. If you've taken care of one of these, please remove it from the list!

Bug Fixes

  • Let people blank their "GD Posts" field (Fixed as of 05/06, see this [ext] thread for more info)
  • Error message when deleting posts. (Post is deleted fine. Error message has to do with thanks mod.)

Embedded SGF Files

  • Bug in EidoGo can cause its layout to screw up if it's in a [hide] tag (currently have a dirty hack in place as a stop-gap fix)
  • SGF files are sometimes broken if they contain smilies and other markup (see [ext] this thread)
  • SGF content needs to be properly URL escaped when passed to the server (mostly fixed)
    • Better still, use POST so that there isn't a size constraint because of URL length (requires a lot more work)
  • Jump to move function seems broken


  • Some web browsers seem to add leading spaces to the diagram code when copying and pasting. We should probably strip those off automatically to make things simpler.
  • Make diagram captions text instead of embedding them in the image
  • Make the [go] BBCode button actually insert a blank diagram to simplify creating new diagrams

Quick Improvements

  • Mark All Forums Read link on all pages
  • Canonical URLs (we should decide between and, stick to it when making links and making the "wrong" one do a 301 redirect) (waiting verification) -Everything should be good. Should stay logged in no matter which link you switch from.

Longer Term Projects

  • Custom theme
  • High-contrast EidoGo theme
  • Let viewers choose between FlashGoban and EidoGo (Fwiffo: I have an idea of a way to do this from inside iframe-player with javascript. They could switch on the fly and it could save the user's preference in a cookie rather than trying to integrate it with phpbb's user preferences)
  • Google Wave integration?
  • Add a copy to clipboard as diagram/sgf to EidoGo
  • Have a "next move" link on diagrams for Malkovich games (would start a reply with the diagram code already inserted)
  • User defined text size
  • Allow filtering of threads or forums from "new posts" (e.g. if someone is not interested in Malkovich games they can click "ignore thread" - [ext] this forum seems to have the feature)
  • In Eidogo compact mode it's hard/impossible to navigate two different variations on the same point (see [ext] this thread - endgame problem where the two variations are black or white playing on the same point)
  • It would be nice to have return to start of variation and return to main branch buttons
  • Make the keying through variations in EidoGo work with a numeric keypad

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