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The status is Black lives.

Black lives  

White should not play anything on the left after B4, because Black can tenuki and still live.

Some continuation

White can not kill  

togo: B6 is not necessary, Black could tenuki instead, and still live.

miai: Can someone show how B6 is unnecessary?

Black wins the race.  

White W3 is the strongest resistance White can offer. White can not atari Black due to shortage of liberties.

idigo's explanation  

idigo: Black has a total of 5 liberties here, counting a twice since White must first play at b to remove the liberty at a. The marked white stones have effectively 3 liberties, since White will have to connect at b to win the race, giving White only 3 internal liberties (shared liberties in this semeai go to Black, who has the eye). Moreover, White can't get any more liberties with exchanges at c or d (c and d are miai for reducing White's liberties). Therefore I believe that White dies here.

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