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unkx80: This problem was never attempted since it was posted in August 2005. It seems to me that Black is unconditionally alive, no? Dieter: will investigate.


A hane at W3 still gives Black straight four in the corner.

alive in sente  

Here Black even lives in sente.

alive in sente  

Black has enough liberties to throw in and denies the intruders to make bent four in the corner and ko.


Reuven: I think it's alive like this as well, such a lively form :) But here almost any addition of a white stone and some of b stones make it killable... Would you like to change the original problem into a solvable one?

togo: But this is solvable: Solution seems to be that Black is unconditionally alive without seki. The problem is also interesting. So why replacing this problem? Adding interesting variations on the other hand is always an option. Asking for best play would be nice too. And is B2 in the third diagram the best answer?

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