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Sngrfxz: My attempt:

Does this work?  

Dieter: try (mentally) these answers for White and you'll know. The main line contains 5 moves hereafter. Sngrfxz: Ok, I see a and c killing black. b and d seem like they would fail.

Dieter: not all statements are correct.


MarkD: Sngrfxz, let me reply to your move with white 2. Your followup move?

Dieter: Mine is a. Try to read a little ahead.

MarkD: My mistake, move at a was intented...still fighting with that ascii diagram stuff. Anyway Sngrfxz, 2 possibilities now

Dieter: I believe you still have it wrong. I do not know what you want sngrfxz to do. All I can say is, try all of a-b-c-d and read a little ahead.

Sngrfxz: This is how I see the b and d options:

Black lives?  
Black lives again?  

Dieter: Correct. Leaves a and c.

Black lives again  

Sngrfxz: Perhaps a is not good either

Black dies  

Sngrfxz: But with c it seems to be all over

Dieter: This is indeed what I think to be the solution. Only c in the first diagram kills Black.

unkx80: It is my solution.

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