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An attempt to save the white stones  

If the stones at W1 have two liberties left and it's white's move, then W2 at B2 is possible.

LukeNine45: This is the move my opponant made. After B2 at a(my response), I can find no way to win the race for white.

LukeNine45: Actually, after looking at this again, your move with the net does appear to work.

See the condition mentioned above met. Continuation like above W3  

The move at W1 seems necessary. It threatens W3 at B2 and gives the tempo to connect at W3 (above diagram) to capture the four black stones.


LukeNine45: I think this is the best white can do after W1 (if both players forget about the net):

Best for white after W1?  
Con't (W7 at marked stone)  
Con't (W3 at marked stone, B4 at W1)  

What about this?

Isn't this enough?  

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