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fractic: White can obviously live and kill black. So let's see what Black can do. B1 is a nice tesuji threatening to play at a. W2 is the simplest responce allowing Black sweet life in gote.

Stronger resistance  

fractic: W2 here offers more resistance. B3 can't be at W4 because then W3 would kill. After B5 both groups only have one eye and White is in atari.


fractic: After W1-W5 black must throw in at black+circle to get a seki. If W1 at W5 the Black makes a seki in a similar fashion.

unkx80: For the intent of the problem you get full marks. However, I think there should be a better way of making seki.

B5 @ black+circle; W6 @ black+square  

Dieter You mean this?


B5 @ black+circle; W6 @ black+square; B9 @ B7; W10 @ B1

I think this is best for White

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