Kisei Go Seigen

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Seeking additional news and information about this film.

"Wu Qingyuan" (English name: "The Go Master") is a biopic about Go Seigen (the japanese name of Wu Qingyuan) by director Tian Zhuangzhuang. It was released in 2006.

A picture of Go Seigen on the set of the new film: [ext]

18 October 2006: DJ: I've seen the movie and written a short review on my [ext] blog ([ext] specifically here), you're welcome to come and leave comments!

12 October 2006: [ext] The movie will be presented at the first [ext] Rome Film Festival on October 15, 16 and 17.

30 September 2006: The movie is currently showing at film festivals around the world. In particular, it will be showing at the London Film Festival on October 21 and October 25, 2006. It also shows tonight and tomorrow at the New York Film Festival.

10 March 2005: An article apparently says that the movie has finished production. Would somebody who can read Chinese please extract any facts and interesting information, and summarize here. [ext]

14 June 2004: However this interview makes no mention of the film. Perhaps it has been taken over by another director / producer: [ext]

31 December 2003: [ext]

"On November 2002, a new film and TV series about Go Seigen will begin to shoot in China by very famous directors, the film name is called 'Go Saint Wu Qingyuan'. At the age of 88, Go Seigen met with the directors in Beijing, China, and said he will live up to 100 and finish the film." [ext] source

28 January 2001: "The life of Go Seigen 9-dan, now 86, is to be turned into a film made by Chinese director Tian Zhuangzhuang, it was announced at the end of December 2000. The film should be ready for showing in three years time. Tian, 48, won the Tokyo Film Festival Grand prix in 1993 for his "Blue Kite" and has an international reputation also with "Horse Thief". He sees Wu as more than a go player and was struck, for example, by his deep knowledge of the Chinese classics. In discussing his previous work he has said, "On reaching my 40s, I found myself more and more thinking about the past, China's history since the Revolution." This new film seems a logical progression. Wu, for his part, sees the venture as another way of spreading international goodwill." (source: Mindzine)

What's with the romanization of "Kisei Go Seigen" (棋圣 吴清源)? Go Seigen is the Japanese reading of his name, not Chinese. Incidentally, the Japanese spelling for "Kisei Go Seigen" would be 棋聖呉清源. The above is probably in Simplified Chinese.

Niklaus: Yes, it is indeed Simplified Chinese. In Chinese the characters read Qisheng Wu Qingyuan.

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