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How effectively can one progress by replaying pro games or laying out problems using a physical goban as opposed to using a computer program? Or is this different for each person, depending on his/her learning style (visual, kinesthetic etc.)?

Learning by watching a computer program replay a professional game seems to appeal to a visual learning style. Touching the stones and getting (literally) a feeling for shape seems to indicate a kinesthetic learning style. Maybe it's also about reaching a point where your subconsciousness acts as a guide for what feels right and what feels wrong. Visual and visualizing abilities seem to play a big role as well when it comes to reading.

Personally, I seem to remember Go concepts better using a tactile, hands-on approach. On the other hand, as a programmer I feel comfortable dealing in symbols and abstract concepts visually and mentally, so naturally I've been replaying pro games on the computer. However, I can only remember pro games I've physically replayed. - maruseru


I'm still 20k so I haven't gone further than simply looking at and half-seriously replaying pro grames. But as a primarily listening-based learner, with visual close second, I've learned and retained a great deal of the basics, ie. connecting, cutting, etc. from listening to KGS audio lectures from someone with the handle lloyd. Even when just playing, on moves that seem particularly good (that I play or am expecting to be played by someone), the 'clack' from KGS sounds slightly different even though they're exactly the same. I think that if you know how you learn best, there are always ways to exploit them. -Agilis

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