Judging forcing plays 2 / Discussion

Position 2  

Is B1 a good forcing move?

Don't know. I suppose B3 at a wouldn't be a good move, since White at B3 would be too good. What about B3? RafaelCaetano

Charles B3 is good: but the question then is, was the B1/W2 exchange before it good for Black? I'd say no. Now White at b is easy to play. Without that, White had a problem settling here.

See for example 4-4 point low approach, diagonal contact then pincer for discussion in a similar position.

Klaus: Two things have to be taken into account:

  • Is the exchange B1, W2 good for Black, if it is played? (I think it is OK for both sides, but Black achieved nothing.)
  • Does White have a better option than W2?
Ignoring the "kikashi"  

If White plays W2 here, Black might answer at a, which is very good for him locally.

But the black+circle stones will come under attack. Thae are a heavy burden now and it might be too big to sacrifice them. By the way: W2 at x with similar ideas has to be considered too.

Charles W2 at y looks better, again.

But is this the right idea for White? B1 isn't very good. White could end up trying to win the game only with territory in the upper left and bottom right corners.

Bill: If B1, I would play Wy in a shot. Then black+circle are heavy while white+circle is light.

SnotNose: If it is agreed upon that W2 is a point that both players want, why doesn't Black play there straight away? It is an extension and a pincer and it solves the problem of Black's heavy stones. B1, good or bad, is not urgent and misses the key point.

Also, if White's lower-left approach move was played after the sequence in the upper left, perhaps it too should have been at W2. That is, both players missed a chance to take the key point by playing in a nearby, but less urgent, area.

ChrisSchack: Not only does B3 look more natural, the upper left looks like a high approach to 3-4, inside contact, with tenuki at the wrong time. B3 was needed to finish up...

Klaus: Well, but if it would be a forcing move, it might be considered to play at the key point later. Of course, playing B3 immidiately seems more natural. Something else:

Position 2  

How does this sequence relate to the global position, especially to black+circle?

Position 2  

The most usual approach in this situation is a pincer at 1. For his reply, White has a lot of choices. Let's just look at invading with 2. The moves through 7 look natural.

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