Japanese Rule Sharpness


This page aims to provide a simple position in which Japanese Rules are “sharper” than Chinese Rules, where (as indicated in the article Sunjang Baduk Counting) a rule set ``R`` is considered “sharper” than another rule set ``S`` in a certain position if fewer moves are optimal in that position under ``R`` than under ``S``.

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Black to play
Correct play
White takes ko
Incorrect play



Black to play  

Analysis by Bill Spight


Correct play  

B1 is a 1 pt. sente, threatening to kill White. B3 gains 1 pt. Black wins by 1 pt.

White takes ko  

In the potential ko fight, W3 fills the ko with sente, threatening to kill Black with a throw-in at 4. If W3 throws in at 4, Black takes the ko and wins it. If White were komaster, B2 would fill at 4, and the ko would be a 1⅔ pt. White sente.

Incorrect play  

B1 gains 1 pt. and then the reverse sente, W2, gains 1 pt. The resulti s jigo, 1 pt. worse for Black.

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