Japanese Go - Three Go Saints

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Japanese Go - Three Go Saints
series: Complete Game Collection Series
Publisher: Chengdu Shidai Publishing, 1 April 2004
ISBN10 7-80548-958-0


Bob McGuigan: This book seems to be a translation of three volumes in Japanese originally published by the Nihon Ki-in:

  • 玄妙道策 (Genmyou Dousaku) by Sakai Takeshi, Nihon Ki-in, 1991. ISBN 4-8182-0349-1
  • 剛腕丈和 (Gouwan Jouwa) by Takagi Shoichi, Nihon Ki-in 1991. ISBN 4-8182-0348-3
  • 秀麗秀策 (Shuurei Shuusaku) by Fukui Masaaki, Nihon Ki-in, 1992. ISBN 4-8182-0350-5

The cover of the Chinese book lists the titles of the Japanese books given above, in simplified Chinese characters, but the original Japanese authors are not mentioned on the cover. The Japanese titles mean, roughly, "Profound Dosaku", "Strong Arm Jowa", and "Graceful Shusaku". The individual books have different formats. The Dosaku volume has excerpts from 21 games showing the essence of Dosaku's mysterious power, with detailed commentary, followed by five complete games with detailed commentary. The Jowa volume consists of detailed commentaries on 12 complete games. The Shusaku volume consists of detailed commentary on 36 complete games. There is a lot of text material in these books so their usefulness will be limited for readers unfamiliar with Japanese (in the case of the original Japanese versions) or Chinese (in the case of the book featured on this page). The games chosen for commentary are good illustrations of the genius of each of the players. Readers just interested in the game records might be better served by looking at games in databases.

Table of Contents

  1. Genmyou Dousaku 玄妙道策 (本因坊道策)
  2. Gouwan Jouwa 刚腕丈和 (本因坊丈和)
  3. Shuurei Shuusaku 秀丽秀策 (本因坊秀策)
  • Appendix: Japanese Go 400 years Record of the Times 日本围棋四百年风云录

Sample Material

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