Introduction to the 'tap' tactic / Introduction

Introduction - why this page should be crystal clear

(Sebastian:) [...] For me, the introduction of the page (under the headline "The most useful play in go", same as the page itself) is still very unclear. Which would be fine if it weren't just the introduction of an "introductory" page. I don't claim to be a good Go player, but if I have serious problems with text that is targeted towards absolute beginners there must be something really wrong. I still see the following problems and questions: [...]

Bill: I think things will be clearer when I give examples and tell people what to call them. :-)

(Sebastian:) They did indeed clarify your intention for me. But I still think that the introductory section of an introductory page should be crystal clear by itself.

Further Discussion (moved from The press is the Most Useful Play In Go/Introduction?)[3]

Charles I have great difficulties with the introduction, also. In brief, it says that introducing the word press to apply to 81 different local situations will help the raw beginner; provided enough case distinctions are then made.

Bill: 81 places? I only had 10 examples, Charles. Oh, I see what you mean. Actually, it's 3^357 places. ;-)

I think you disagree with the idea, not the introduction per se.

Charles No, if you make four wildcard places in your 3x3 diagram, you are talking about 81 formations. That's just absurd for an introductory level page.

Bill: That's a diagram issue. It is the whole rest of the board that is ignored, not just four locations. I. e., it is just four locations that are the focus of the definition.

But, given your comments, I think it is best to alter the diagram. Thanks.

Charles OK, that does something to narrow it down to one key message. Now, if this were my lesson, I would call it 'occupy the crossroads'

Bill: Nicely put, Charles. :-)

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