Honinbo Jowa - Complete Game Collection

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Honinbo Jowa -- Complete Game Collection (the middle book in the image)]
series: Complete Game Collection Series
Publisher: Chengdu Shidai Publishing, October 2008
ISBN13 978-7-80705-824-3
589 pp.

Honinbo Jowa -- Complete Game Collection

The publisher is 成都时代出版社 Chengdu Shidai Publishing


Velobici: This nicely bound hardback book contains 274 game records of Honinbo Jowa. Each game record is presented 100 moves per board and one board per page. Each record is noted with the number of games that Jowa played against that person and the number of each record in the sequence.

valerio: Book title, 本因坊丈和全集, is pronounced "Běnyīnfāng Zhngh Qunj" in Chinese, as remarked by Bob McGuigan, and "Honinbo Jowa Zenshu" in Japanese. Judging by the index, I think that it contains all the remaining 286 games of Jowa (69 of them against Gennan Inseki). A complete [ext] collection of Jowa's games in SGF, including some text files (in simplified Chinese, GB2312 encoding), with biographical notes of the main Jowa's opponents.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction (前言)
  • Directory of Honinbo Jowa's Opponents (本因坊丈和对局者名录)
  • Table of Honinbo Jowa's Score Against his Opponents (本因坊丈和对局成绩表)
  • List of Honinbos (历代本因坊一览表)
  • Part One: Early Years: June 1807 to January 1811 (第一部 青少年时期对局(1807年6月~1811年1月))
  • Part Two: Middle Years: Feburary 1812 to November 1822 (第二部 成年时期对局(1812年2月~1822年11月))
  • Part Three: Later Years: March 1823 to February 1847 (第三部 中晚年时期对局(1823年3月~1847年2月))
  • Appendix: (Twenty) Additional Game Records 附录 补遗对局

Sample Material

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