Holding a Stone at all Times

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Holding a stone at all times during the game.

Note: This is not widely regarded as a bad habit in modern times. But in olden days it was considered a virtue to think about where you want to place the stone before grabbing one. The idea is to reduce reckless playing.

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DeathWind: I suppose most of us have this habit. But this is an interesting habit to consider adopting: to think first before holding a stone if one has the problem with not enough thinking.

areckx?: This is a very bad habit. I mostly play western chess, and one of the biggest problems players have is that they go to reach for the piece they wish to move before they're ready to move it. Think the position out in your head. There's a touch-move rule in tournament chess, and I believe the reason is not to impose arbitrary rules, but because clear thinking will lead to stronger play. Think, then move. It is one fluid action, and besides giving you the appearance of a strong player, which will win you some psychological advantage, it will force you to always calculate and judge your position.

PJTraill: I have realised one practice that reinforces this bad habit, namely doing the same thing when you play a game on a board from a record, e.g. in a book or magazine. To break yourself of the habit, practice in this situation. If you catch yourself at it, go back and do it right!

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