High Shimari, Probing with a Peep

What do you want?  

The peep W1 is a probe, an "asking move" - it poses a question to Black: What does he want to achieve with his high shimari? a, b and c are all three regularly played viable answers.

This page presents many sequences. Many of them are not the best play. It tries to avoid judgements, where it can't support them with arguments.

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Taking the corner

a - taking the corner  

B2 keeps the corner, but leaves a weakness in the possible cut.


b - connecting  

After b, White can wait for a suitable moment to set W1 into motion at x, yielding one of the following results. (It is mostly Black's choice which result will be seen.) y is possible as well.

Follow up 1  

At first sight, this may look bad for White, since it resembles the 44 point 33 invasion double hane joseki, except the black corner is a lot larger. The result is acceptable for White though since Black had two stones in the corner to start with.

Follow up 2 - Alive, but omitting x is likely bad for White  

However, White isn't forced to live hastily in the corner. Continuing at x leads to good results, in the end, it boils down to B4 being not good.

Follow up 3 - Alive, and likely good for White  
Follow up 4 - Alive, and good for White  

Black would very much like to have played B4 at x instead.

Follow up 5  

Trying to play B6 on the outside leads to sth. akin but even better for White than follow up 3.

Follow up 6 - White leaves Black the choice which side to cut.  
Follow up 6a  
Follow up 6b - reverts to follow up 1  
Follow up 7 - White doesn't want a ponnuki (branch from FU 1 or 6a)  

White is alive, but this isn't bad at all for Black after B4. B6-W9 can be played later.

Taking the outside

c - taking the outside  

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