Hane Connect Exercise 3 / Solution

Normal response  
Quote: Assume that everything to the right is White's territory.

aLegendWai (9k? KGS): Correct me if wrong.
Since you make such an assumption, it is already the best both parties can do in this endgame play. White(W) is protected by the circled white stone. B cannot do anything. W gets sente; B gets gote.

But as a whole board view, Black(B) might consider tenuki (play elsewhere) instead of B3 since this endgame value is small. If B can find a bigger endgame value elsewhere, it is worthwhile for B to tenuki (play elsewhere) in order to get sente.

PS: Bill, I moved your question to the discussion section).

Trickier response - throw-in  

aLegendWai (9k? KGS): Alternatively, a throw-in play is possible and trickier. However if both parties answer correctly, the situation will be just the same as the "normal response" - with the same point difference, W getting sente; B getting gote. However any party can tenuki in the middle and is ahead of another to get sente.

Bill: The throw-in is inferior. See /Discussion.

aLegendWai (9k? KGS):

About sente/gote

  • each party may not finish the sequence and tenuki (play elsewhere) if it considers the loss of not playing the move is smaller than the gain from tenuki (playing elsewhere).
  • simply speaking, if "loss < gain" ==> tenuki (play elsewhere)
  • that implies the sente/gote situation suggested from the above is not a must. Each party can tenuki (play elsewhere) to get sente.

About W's response (normal - hane or tricker - throw-in):

  • Both the normal and trickier response give the same result, but the tricker one requires higher skills for B (and W as well) to play correctly.
  • A throw-in may be used as a last-ditch way to play when W lags a bit behind B.


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